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atest update to the Pi currency app and opening the kyc for everyone


Update the recent Pi application interface, and all that came in it, profit from the Internet by mining Pi
Latest Pi Network Coin Application, New Profit from Online Mining Trading Investment pi Network Application

Updated new application interface

-Updated new application interface

Welcome to you and welcome to this new article 
For a new tuna talk, this Bay mining application that we are mining on. You may have noticed the interface
Changed for a few days already since then
The location of the exam has also changed and became fast and will open with everyone. Let's hope that
The currency team is evolving, making real updates ,


We can register with KYC that's it
So in this article I will not be too long I will just give you
Some more info for those, who ask me questions every time, I still haven't passed the kyc status it is, now I'm open up with everyone,you can't do anything, except wait here and if you're not yet, notified regarding documentation, KYC means you can't, Here

Updated new application interface

- how to convert currencies and transfer them to the wallet

in the network .
This is the estimated PI bonus for you I've been mined thanks to your mining team and to your security circle is the bonuses will be calculated with accuracy and will become transferable on the wallet like members of your mining team and check the security circle check let's check KYC identity that's what it means in this,

is all you have of Pi, mined with your circle and your new circle of friends

This means that if you have from the team who did not document their account they have to recruit the currency earned from their referral, until they document their accounts

Updated new application interface


You will only have your coins that you earned on your own
Convertible will be convertible to, as and when it will be carried over in the currency wallet, and when to start trading.

- Reasons for the delay in opening documentation and circulation

That's all in the new update, and one of the reasons for the delay in the official launch, which is still clear because the network is very complex and is still in construction,
This is very important and must be done carefully.
Because with all that happens from the cyber attack on
The currency the company has recently I think they are in development


In working with heavily with many others

And the accuracy in their work distinguishes them, good work, that's all friends, good all we have to do be patient, here I will finish, hopefully this project will not take us away anymore, there is not much left

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